The Syntactical Nature of Reality

by Fusam

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Fusam's 4th full-length Album.


released January 10, 2014

All music is composed, designed, Performed and produced by Heny Maatar aka Fusam.
Except for Track 1, 5, 8 co-written with Omar Lahiani, Danny Idriss and Henry Maliani respectively.
Words in tracks 2, 6, 7 and 8 are taken from Juan José Campanella's
"El Secreto de Sus Ojos", Alain Damasio, Alex Jones
and Eckhart Tolle respecively.
Lyrics on "The Age of Aquarius" are written and performed by Heny Maatar aka Fusam.

This musical endeavor is released independently and under no authority or label.
This album has no commercial dimension, by buying this you just help Fusam touring, making music and cover up the fees of Production.
The tracks on this record are open-source and they take part of the digital freedom revolution, it can be used for personal and public use in term of awaring and sensitizing.
In case when buying the album isn't affordable for you, contact Fusam at:
You'll have it for free.

All musical and lyrical rights are reserved only by the universal ethics and manners.

All The Thanks go to: Jezia Labidi, Omar Lahiani, Abdelhamid Ben Selma, Henry Maliani, Danny Idriss, Nabil Saidi, Natalie Memhardt, Dhouha Rekik, Rochdi Kacem, Fares Lamouri, Amine Kacem,
Nihed Amara, Rami Ben Ahmed, Oussema Gaidi, Christine and Fakhri Phung Essraoulia, Asma Haddouk, Kais Euchi, Maroua Trimeche, Mohyeddine Rouached, Marwa Ayed, Badr Abdelmoula, Hatem Ben Mahfoudh, Montassar Alibi and all the Fusamic creatures around the globe.
Thank you all for the inspiration, the belief and the support.



all rights reserved


Fusam Tunisia

The personal music project of composer and guitarist Heny Maatar,
a cinematic, experimental venture fusing electronic elements with ambiances and other instruments.
In denial of musical boundaries, Fusam is a musical quest tending to grasp the universality of the phenomenon of the sound.
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Track Name: The Age of Aquarius
All is built on belief, mankind is falling like an endless fall's leaves
This misery upon us and the grim in the streets
is nothing but an echo of an earth we deceived
it's never like it seemed, unmask reality it's your way to be free With a mind to perceive
spirit unleashed with the will of walking out holding on
Not to myth not to greed
Step back and grasp it all never lose the tracks of passionate rational
Fashionable's National
and the hatred you've been suffering from smash it all against the wall

I keep close to the meaning
The means give no meaning, all they do is believing
a house made of glass like a life made of feelings
walking down the ceiling
never had the courage of a man that is leaving

I came from another ground of the elite
speaking your manners of a poetry stuck to a beat
An this is not a tune from the guy next door
This is to meditate down the line walking the shore

yes I came from the realm of the extreme
Where no sins have never been ever redeemed
An this is not a tune from the guy next door
This is to meditate down the line walking the shore

Now, I'm back to the core, the best mind you've got is when you were born
no malice no scorn
Grown to be nothing but a garbage can
everybody comes throws a dirt till you're ten
it began like a dead fetus stillborn
So predictable like a facial in a porn
gone even before you came your nothing but a gene carrier
just a son.

They're making another zombie apocalypse fiction
All I see are zombies walking all directions
it happens here in the dear solar system
just because their god has an infinite erection
friction of the earth with an asteroid
is the answer full of silence and blasting void
Humanoids never thought they'd leave such a trail
The snake has finally bitten her tail...